OAK Racing has retained Chinese racing driver Ho-Pin Tung for the 2014 season with a challenging program that will see him compete in multiple championships with the 2013 WEC Champions and Le Mans 24 Hours winners.

After successfully claiming last year’s Asian Le Mans Series title under the OAK Racing Team Asia banner, he will once again be joined by fellow countryman David Cheng, a proven successful line-up, for the Asian Le Mans Series. The team will field one of its own Onroak Automotive built chassis. Ho-Pin Tung scored two victories with Oak last year.

Ho-Pin Tung will also be defending the colors of the OAK Racing Team Asia at the holy grounds of Le Mans, for the 82nd edition of the 24 hours race. The team will field the brand new Ligier JS P2 chassis powered by a Honda engine. This Asian entry at Le Mans will be driven by Ho-Pin Tung, David Cheng and a third Chinese driver who has yet to be confirmed.

And there is even more good news. Ho-Pin Tung will compete with OAK Racing Team in a selected number of races in the USCC rounds with Colombian driver Gustavo Yacaman and others who will be confirmed later.

‘It is an honor to be joining Oak Racing Team again and to race for this successful, highly professional and ambitious team. With the same fighting spirit and with the continuous support from sponsor TOTAL China I am confident that we can once again score victories and defend our championship in Asia.Of course I can’t wait to go back to Le Mans and take on the challenge of racing in the USA. I would like to sincerely thank Jacques Nicolet and everyone at OAK Racing for giving me this chance’,Ho-Pin stated, after signing his contract. Team Principal Philippe Dumas: ‘OAK Racing Team Asia, successfully managed by Rémy Brouard, is really happy to have Ho-Pin joining us again this year to defend the 2013 title in the Asian Series. That Ho-Pin also fights with us at Le Mans in June makes me even more happy. I met Ho-Pin few times in the past during FIA GT1 rounds, and I am personally delighted to welcome him in our team. I am in a hurry to work with someone as professional and as charismatic as Ho-Pin’


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