Ho-pin Tung Wins Again In Asian Le Mans Series

Ho-Pin Tung claimed his second victory in this years’ Asian Le Man Series. With an impressive lead the Morgan Judd of the Oak Racing Team Total crossed the finish line after the three hours race at the Fuji-circuit, Japan, this weekend. Already in practice sessions and in qualifying Ho-Pin Tung was quick. In qualifying Ho-Pin Tung missed pole position by 0.01 second. ‘I found out that we missed 48 centimeters,’ Ho-Pin Tung puts the situation into perspective. The team now leads the championship standings.

Ho-Pin Tung shared the car with David Cheng from China and the Japanese driver Keiko Ihari.  She drove he first stint an did well, until she crashed the Morgan Judd, probably caused by a technical error.  This meant an unplanned first pit stop to change tyres and to completely renew the front of the car. The team was two laps behind, as a result of the long  pit stop. David Cheng took over and on new tyres,he was able to contain. The last stint was for the fastest of the three musketeers: Ho-Pin Tung. His tyres were far from fresh by then and the Chinese hero had to push, as well as to preserve the tyres at the same time. His did this in a convincing way: with a two laps lead he brought the Morgan Judd home. ‘Very fine teamwork,’ Ho-Pin Tung stated after he three hours race.


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