Ho-Pin Tung scores podium finish at Zhuhai Intenational Circuit in Porsche Carrera Cup Asia

If it were to prove over again that he is China´s most succesfull racing driver Ho-Pin Tung scored this seasons first podium finish in a fresh Porsche Carrera. After a disappointing seasons start , with a car and a team which did not do what the young Chinese felt right the Budweiser Kamlung team assigned him to a new 911. With immediate result, third place. In this weekends´ second race  there was not more than 8th place, because Ho-Pin had to brake on the dirty and bumpy part of the track, with a flat spot on his left front tyre as a result. ´But I am positive about the weekend, this car is much better, I could push and the speed is there to go for the podium.´  Ho-Pin Tung is now  heading for Europe, to prepare for the famous 24 houres of Le Mans. ´I am proud to compete is this prestigious event for the KCMG-team´, he looks ahead.

Tung, who got by LKM Racing’s Keita Sawa at the start, celebrated his first podium of the 2013 season and was grateful to those who assisted him in getting there. “I had a good start and managed to go around the outside of Sawa on Turn 1. We were side by side on Turn 2, and Turn 3 was basically mine. I had a bit of luck in the hairpin and then after that it was a pretty straight forward race. There were a lot of guests from Budweiser here this weekend and I’m very happy to bring them a good result. In the first two events of the season, I struggled with a car that wasn’t doing what I wanted, so this race I had a chance, thanks to Mr. Mak and Arrows Racing, to have better equipment and I am happy that it paid off immediately.”

2013_Zhuhai1 2013_Zhuhai2

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