Ho-Pin Tung overtaking champion but pointless in rounds 3 and 4 Porsche Carrera Asia Cup

After Ho-Pin Tung´s  successful debut in the Budweiser Porsche Carrera Asia Cups first rounds, this weekends races 3 and 4 at the Zhuhai Internationals Circuit in China turned out disappointing. Lap times were excellent, in the first free practise the young Chinese was fastests of the bunch, but a multicar accident in Saturday´s  race made Ho-Pin Tung´s race last only 500 meters.  ´Literally I was knocked out of the race together with ten others,´ Ho-Pin stated right after he stepped out of the wrecked Budweiser Porsche Carrera. He was fourth on the grid, after a good qualification. ´Quali I could have done better; I made a small mistake on my first set of tyres and on my second set I had to overtake two cars in my flying lap, which makes it impossible to do the maximum.´

Race 3, on Saturday, took only one minute for Ho-Pin Tung, which meant a 19th position on the starting grid of Sundays race 4. The jam in the first corner forced Ho-Pin back to 21st. But then he commenced his overtaking parade. He was very quick, did excellent lap times, overtook in every lap, once even two cars at a time! This double action Ho-Pin executed masterly: outbraking at the outside line and then passing the two contending drivers. ´Unfortunately this race was only 12 laps, would it have been more I could have been fighting for a top position.´ His pointless appearance in Zhuhai means  painfull loss of positions in the standings for the championship. Ho-Pin: ´Even more motivated we ´ll keep on fighting. We are fast, next race I can go for a win, or two, and that is exactly my goal.´

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