Chinese racing driver Ho-Pin Tung impressed at his debut in the Porsche Carrera Asia Cup races by scoring a third place in this weekends second race at the Shanghai International circuit. The Porsche Carrera Asia Cup races were featured as support races of the Chinese Grand Prix. Ho-Pin Tung’s success on Sunday did not mean he had no problems. The first race, on Saturday, he dit not manage to do better than eighth position, because of his strugling with the cars balance. “I suffered quite some understeer, which occured mainly in the long corners, of which there many here.” On Sunday the balance of the car was better, with a third place as a result.

The reverse grid brought Ho-Pin Tung pole position on Sunday. He had a splendid start and created a gap of more than four seconds. Ho-Pin was the proud race leader when the wear of his tyres made it possible for his fellow contenders to close the gap. “I had to fight for my third position, I am glad with success!” Race winner and team mate Alexandre Imperatori completed the succes of the StarChase-team. Ho-Pin Tung proudly saw the Chinese flag being raised above the rostrum, when he climbed the third step. “Next race hopefully two stepts higher, “Ho-Pin commented with a smile. “I would like to have raced with my team mate for boths wins. The balance was better today, but still not as I wanted it to be. We will have a close look data and try to improve so next time I can challenge Alex. ” I have full confidence in my team and I look forward with great expectations to the next round,” Ho-Pin stated right after his Porsche Carrera Asia Cup debut in his fatherland.

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