Again Dutch-Chinese racing driver Ho-Pin Tung made it to the podium in the Porsche Carrera Cup Asia championship that displayed its seventh and eighth races in the Land of Smiles, Thailand, this weekend. The Chinese finished fifth in the first race and on Sunday he made it to the podium with a well deserved third place.

Despite his podium finish the Chinese hero of the Budweiser Team Absolute Racing is not completely satisfied. The Thailand edition of the Porsche Carrera Cup Asia championship began promising for Ho-Pin Tung. In free practices and qualifying he was very quick, in second free practice he appeared as fastest on the results list. In qualifying circumstances on the track prevented him to do better than third. ´I could have gone quicker´, evaluates the Chinese. In the Saturday´s race Ho-Pin Tung had a difficult start and a lot of contacts characterized the first lap of the race. Ho-Pin Tung found himself on seventh position after the first stages of the race. Twice the safety car had to interrupt the race and fifth was the best possible result for Ho-Pin Tung. In race 2 he had a far better start and Ho-Pin was able to fight for the highest steps of the rostrum. In the closing stages of the race he had to consolidate and had to settle for third. ´Looking at my lap times in free practices and qualifying better results should have been possible, ´Ho-Pin Tung reflects. ´Sometimes the speed is there to win, but not everything fits as it should and in this respect ´Thailand´ could have given a better result, despite my fine third place.´

Buriram, Thailand, August 2nd, 2015.


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