Ho-Pin Tung lacks success at Indy

Chinese racing driver Ho-Pin Tung did not manage to continue his current series of successes.  After his second place at Watkins Glen and his dominant victory in the Asian Le Mans Series in Korea P 8 was the poor result of his race at Indianapolis in the Tudor United Sportscar Championship. The Chinese raced again for Oak Racing Team, this time with team mate Gustavo Yacaman.

´It was a disappointing weekend in every respect, ´Ho-Pin tells afterwards, ´it was all set-backs´. Team mate Yacaman managed to claim P2 at the start, but was brutally hit by Fiitipaldi, causing a spin. The Morgan Nissan fall back to last. Heavy fighting and a splendid pit stop provided a better position.  But too close racing and many safety car situations caused a rather chaotic race. The second pit stop went slow and after Ho-Pin Tung had taken over the wheel he had to start all over again, gaining position by position. An extra ´splash and dash´ threw the team back to P8.


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