In despite of set-backs in practise and in race Ho-Pin Tung was well underway to a points finish in the FIA Formula E fourth race of the season at the streets of Buenos Aires, this weekend. Dutch Chinese racing driver Tung finished 11th, due to an unneccesary drive through the pit lane and a post race penalty by the stewards of the race.

Buenos Aires was Ho-Pin Tungs´ third race in Formula E for team China Racing, he had to miss the third race in Uruguay. The Chinese drove a good first free practise at the beautyful lay out of the street circuit in Buenos Aires. But in second free practise things went wrong. Th car stopped at the track and for Ho-Pin Tung the session came to an end. Lack of track time made qualification a bit of a gamble with 15th on the starting grid as a result.

Again Ho-Pin Tung had a good start of the race, but already in turn 1 he was hit hard from behind by a   fellow contender. ´Than the car was difficult to drive, ´ Ho-Pin explained after the race. A too early release from the pit after the compulsory car change at half race made the team it self decide to letting Ho-Pin make a drive through the pit lane. The stewards of the meeting judged that the drive through did not compensate for the too early release and punished the unfortunate Chinese with a 35 seconds post race penalty. This made Ho-Pin Tung appear a disappointing 11th in the results.

Buenos Aires, January, 10th, 2015.


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