Ho-pin Tung In Test Formula E The New Fia Single-seater Championship

Ho-Pin Tung practised his first track time kilometers in the fully electric driven Formula E racing car. Place of happening was the south-Spanish circuit of Monteblanco. Tung did three full race simulations and showed himself impressed by the new racing class, which will run the first ever FIA Formula E Championship as off September . Ho-Pin Tung was invited to test the new car in the last pre-season test session prior to the ten races championship, to be conducted at street circuits mostly.

Ho-Pin Tung, having an overloaded schedule participating in the Porsche Carrera Cup Asia, the 24 hrs race at Le Mans, the Asian Le Mans Series and the United Sportscar Championship in the USA, has a vast experience in single seaters. He was test- and reserve driver of the Renault Formula 1-team, did three seasons in GP2, competed in the Superleague Formula and was Formula 3 champion. ‘I am very impressed by the revolutionary car. There is still a lot of work to be done before the championship can start, in Beijing in September’, says the Chinese hero. ‘But the technical development is going so quick that this concept could embodie be the future of motor racing.’ Ho-Pin Tung could not answer the question as to if and when he would be part of of this new era.

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