Ho-Pin Tung had to retire after two third of the 24 hours of Le Mans

Ho-Pin Tungs´ first ´24 hours of Le Mans´ ended in the pit of his team. The Morgan Nissan had to retire due to a leaking fuel tank, when teammate Alexandre Imperatori was behind the wheel. This was just before Ho-Pin Tung should take over to do the rest of the race and to proudly cross the finish line after a extremely demanding 24 hours.  Despite the ´DNF´ of car number 47 the Dutch Chinese feels positive. ´This was the first time that a Chinese team took part in this legendary race, so everyone and everything  in the team was new. The team performed extremely well, everyone was very motivated. This excellent teamwork was the basis for the achievements  of the three drivers ´.

Ho-Pin Tung said right after the race: ´Team owners Paul Ip and Lorens Lin deserve to be admired for their vision and courage to bring a Chinese rookie team to Le Mans . The speed of the car was good all the time and we were able to fight in the top of the LMP2-class. Although we lost a few laps in the evening caused by technical woes we managed to do very fast lap times. During the night I did, after a triple stint, even four stints on one set of tyres. I had a perfect flow in the night and did lap times simular with those of the top of the field.  At daybreak all looked still good. I was preparing to take over from Alexandre when he felt wet in the pedal box and he smelled gasoline strongly. In the KCMG pit it appaered to be caused by a leaking fuel tank, which could not be fixed. ´ Ho-Pin Tung enjoyed his first ´Le Mans´ very much and would like to be present next year. But first duty calls in China. The upcoming race in the Porsche Carrera Cup Asia requires his full attention. Ho-Pin stated sadly: ´This trip to China I should make with Allan Simonsen, I am grieved that he had to pay for his passion with his life, in the early  stages of the race. I knew him since 2001 when we were both racing for the same team. He was a great guy. My feelings of sorrow and sympathy are with his family. ´

HPT_lemans2013_5 HPT_lemans2013_4 HPT_lemans2013_3 HPT_lemans2013_1

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