Ho-Pin Tung finishes second in 6 hours race of Watkins Glen

Ho-Pin Tung and his two team mates scored an impressive second place with their Aok Racing Morgan Nissan (LMP2) in the six hours endurance race at Watkins Glen , USA. This race at ‘the Glen’ is part of the Tudor United Sportscar Championship. Alex Brundle, Gustav Yacamen and Ho-Pin Tung fought hard to claim and maintain first place. Another neutralisation in the last phase of the race and the gigantic horse power domination of the Daytona Prototypes prevented the ambitious Oaking Racing Team drivers to climb the top of the rostrum. Ho-Pin Tung drove the fastest lap time of the race.

‘All weekend everything went very well and we had a good race pace,’ Ho-Pin Tung reflects. ‘We had a competitive car, we enjoyed the competitive atmosphere at the iconic track with a perfect team.’Four different racing classes and 54 (!) cars competed at Watkins Glen . ‘Traffic’ was a serious problem for the drivers in the top class, the P-class, with the bloody fast Daytona Prototypes and the LMP-2 cars. ‘As soon as there was a bit of ‘free air’ we could do really fast lap times; during a trouble free lap I did fastest lap of the race. ‘Ho-Pin is proud to have scored second, but there is also disappointment for missing the victory. ‘All three drivers, all engineers and mechanics of the Oak Racing Team did a faultless job, we were leading the race and we were very close to victory. A Daytona Prototype overtook us on its surplus of horsepower and after a very late neutralisation there was one lap left tot race. Than we were not able to reclaim first place. Second place feels bitter sweet. Nevertheless, my debut here felt very good, I do look forward to the next event.’

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