Ho-Pin Tung fifth in Porsche Carrera Cup Asia 2013

Ho-Pin Tung has the year 2013 the Porsche Carrera Cup Asia ended in the championship to a fifth place. In the two races on the Grand Prix circuit of Shanghai, this weekend, finished the Chinese twice in 7th place.” Disappointing in order to close off the season,” judges Ho-Pin Tung afterwards, “but this was the maximum possible . All weekend I have struggled with the car, the speed was just not initially. Eventually the brakes were the culprits, but when was the qualification already ended with an eighth starting place for me.” In the race he knew as a seventh of it, while the second race from grid position 10 a seventh place at the finish line meant. Ho-Pin Tung’s sponsor Budweiser picked up sharply in Shanghai with many events in which the Chinese top rider was chief guest.

Looking back at the year 2013 PCCA – Ho-Pin Tung: “My victory in Korea was the highlight and needless disqualification in Malaysia bottomed. I was aiming for at least a top three position in the championship and so this season with a fifth place, disappointing.” However, the racing season is not for Ho-Pin Tung. There will be the last race in the Asian Le Mans Series, in which he participates. With his victory in the three- hour race in Zhuhai still fresh in the memory, there is sufficient confidence to shine. Again in the last race at Sepang.

And next year? “This year I first participated in the 24 Hours of Le Mans . I want it back . I’m also busy with consultations here in China for the coming year and I am optimistic that I will have a full race schedule,” again says the competitive level Chinese driver.


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