Ho-Pin Tung fifth in overall standings after fighting for millimeters in Porsche Carrrera Cup Asia

Despite Ho-Pin Tung moving up in the overall standings of the Porsche Carrera Cup Asia Championship the young Chinese is not satisfied with last weekends’ results. Place of the action was Ordos, Inner Mongolia. In his first race Ho-Pin Tung fought hard battles with the top of the field and he finished 4th.  ‘In the opening stages of the race I was a bit too hard on the tyres and therefore I could not really push in the closing stages,’ Ho-Pin comments.

In the second race fellow contender Rodolfo Avila squeezed him to the pit wall at the start, but the Chinese was already alongside. While Ho-Pin was still being next to him Avila turned in at the first corner and they touched heavily. The collision made Avila spin and Ho-Pin Tung could continue, after having lost several places. ‘My car was damaged, the steering was difficult, but I was able to regain my racing speed and to push.’ Seventh place on the finish line was the result of a heavy fought race.Ho-Pin Tung looks back at the first half of the season: ‘ It is a shame, the second race of the weekend here in Ordos, my race speed was good for nice results. In qualification I missed a good run and on my second set of tyres so I had to fight my way up through the field. In both races I had a better pace than the results show. It goes better now and I am managing to move up in the standings, after the set back of my disqualification at Sepang’.

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