Chinese racing driver Ho-Pin Tung finished in this seasons´ last two races in the Porsche Carrera Asia Cup  in third and sixth position. In the prestigeous championship the debutant conquered fifth position. ´Especcially second half of my season showed a strong performance,´says the young Chinese looking back.
´Today´s last race in Shanghai I was leading the race when my team mate Alexandre Imperatori made an end to my realistic chances to gain third position in the championship. He tried to sink my car in a  stupid and impossible attempt to overtake me. This kind of manoeuvre I do not expect from a team mate.´

All weekend Ho-Pin Tung was fast. In qualification he was fastests almost all the time. On a slowly drying track he took fourth place on the grid. In race 1 he had a splendid start and  fought a hard battle with Bejamin Rouget. ´At the end I overtook him in a clean move just before the safety car was deployed. After a  fight with Rodolfo Avila Ho-Pin Tung climbed the rostrum for third place.

The reverse grid rule made Ho-Pin starting from sixth position. Again after a brilliant start he claimed fourth place in the first lap. ´I could take advantage of the strugling cars in front of me and took the lead by overtaking three cars. The safety car brought the field together, unfortunately. After the restart I was leading the bunch into the first corner. My team mate Imperatori was right behind me and togethter we created a gap to number three, Sawa. What happened then was really unbelievable. In an impossible attempt to overtake me he drove his car into mine, wich stupid action crippled my car. I could only bring the car home in sixth position. Often we discussed the plan to secure his championship and my third or second place in the championship. It is unbelievable that he made this unneccesary move.´

Nevertheless Ho-Pin Tung is satisfied with his first season in the Posche Carrera Asia Cup. ´Now my first priority is the Race of Champions Asia, for wich great event I was invited to defend the honor of Team China. I do look forward to go to Bangkok and to show some nice results.

Not earlier than the beginning of 2013 I will have decided where to race next year.´



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