Dutch-Chinese driver Ho-Pin Tung not only leaves the Malaysian Sepang track as winner of this weekend’s Asian Le Mans Series race but is also crowned as The Asian Le Mans Series 2014 Champion as a direct result of simply winning all the races this season.

On saturday Ho-Pin claimed pole position with the Oak Racing Team Total entry LMP2-Morgan Judd. During the race he produced the fastest lap on the Kuala Lumpur circuit and finished first. When the race was red flagged due to the heavy rainfall Ho-Pin Tung and team mates David Cheng and Yuan Bo were declared the winners.

“This is a great ending of the season in the Asian Le Mans Series. Pole position, fastest race lap, race victory and the Championship! I had a fantastic year with Oak Racing. Not only winning the Asian Le Mans Series Championship is a highlight but also competing at the 24 hours of Le Mans and second place finish in Wakins Glenn. I am very grateful to the Oak Racing Team and the partners Total and Michelin as wll”.

Sepang, Malaysia. December 7th 2014


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