Ho-Pin Tung brings it to semi finals in this years Race of Champions in Bangkok

Chinese racing driver Ho-Pin Tung has made it to the semi finals of this years´ edition of the Race Of Champions in Bangkok, Thailand.  In the quarter finals he met Formula 1 winner David Coulthard in a man to man battle. A fotofinish had to decide who won, it was the Scotsman, so Ho-Pin Tung saw his way to the semi finals cut off. In the Nations Cup race on Saturday team China did not make it, but Ho-Pin Tung was the fastest driver overall in the ROC car, which result was rewarded by a promotion to the individual Race of Campions on Sunday. Ho-Pin lost his battle with three times WTC-champion Andy Priaulx in the VW Scirocco Cup car, but in the second heat the young Chinese stroke back. He defeated eight times Le Mans winner Tom Kristensen, in a Audi R8 Le Mans Series car!

Also the third heat  was a win for Ho-Pin Tung. He promoted to the quarter finals as winner of Group B where he was beaten by 0.05 seconds by David Coulthard. Romain Grosjean was the overall winner in the Race of Champions and the German couple Sebastian Vettel and Micheal Schumacher ( together ten F1-world championships !) took the Nations Cup home.


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