Ho-Pin Tung and team sixth at 6 hours of Bahrain

Positive end of difficult FIA-WEC season

Ho-Pin Tung and the Baxi DC Racing team Alpine equalled their seasons’ best result by finishing sixth in the 6 hours race of Bahrain for the FIA-WEC championship 2016, this weekend. Venue of the ultimate race was the nice and warm circuit of Bahrain. The Baxi DC Racing team decided to an agressive strategy, which meant that Ho-Pin drove a triple middle stint and his team mates David Cheng, who did  two stints following Ho-Pin Tungs’ triple and Paul-Loup Chatin who did first and last driving duties. Ho-Pin Tung produced a stunning performance in the no.35 car. During his triple stint, the Chinese driver  fought up to second place. He then handed over to David Cheng. Paul-Loup Chatin who did the opening stint was handed the task of also finishing the race after David Cheng’s double stint. He brought home the Baxi DC Racing Alpine in sixth place.

Ho-Pin Tung commented after the race ‘We had a very good rhythm today, an improvement on the last two races. Our strategy was bold, because I did a triple stint. Obviously, we had to manage the tyres as a result, but everything went well since I was able to get up to second place. We have had our fair share of highs and lows this season, especially at Le Mans when mechanical issues and a crash ruined our hopes for a podium. But I ‘m pleased to finish the season on this positive note.”

In two weeks time Ho-Pin Tung will be found at Fuji in Japan to join the Asian Le Mans Series again, after his successful opening race at Zhuhai, which he and the Jackie Chan DC Racing team won ealier this month. The Chinese hero hopes to find a birthday present at the rostrum in Fuji.

Bahrain, November 19, 2016.


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