Ho-Pin Tung and Jackie Chan DC Racing squad forced to retire early from the 4 Hours of Sepang

Ho-Pin Tung and team mates Gustavo Menezes and Thomas Laurent arrived at the Sepang Int. Circuit in Malaysia as the firm favourites to clinch the Asian Le Mans championship, having accumulated a healthy buffer of 19 points. With high expectations to grab the title once again the team did good jobs in free practises and qualifying, although #25 car of the Algarve Pro Racing team snatched pole position with only 0.008 seconds.

However, a first lap collision with the Race Performance Team  car severely damaged the right-rear of DC Racing’s #35 LM P2 Oreca 03R Nissan, forcing Ho-Pin Tung – who had started for the first stint – to limp back to the pits.

Although the team was able to fix the car and send it back on track in under 10 minutes, damage to the engine proved to be terminal. A very costly DNF for the team.

With DC Racing out of the race, Andrea Pizzitola, Aidan Read and Andrea Roda cruised to a dominant win, also bagging the title for Algarve Pro Racing.

Ho-Pin Tung reports heavily dissapointed: ‘After a faultless season it is appaling to be deprived of the championship by a senseless torpedo attack. But it is better to look ahead. I have a full season FIA-WEC  to look forward to and that is exactly what I  ‘ll do. Many thanks for the team and my mates at the wheel, they all did an excellent job bringing the title within reach. It is horrible that we missed it, but we could not do anything to avoid this DNF.”

Sepang, Malaysia, 22 January 2017.2017_hpt3

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