Ho-Pin Tung 7th at 6 Hours of Nürburgring

The famous German Nürburgring was the venue for the 4th round of the FIA World Endurance Championship. In the ever-notorious weather conditions at the circuit in the German Eiffel, Baxi DC Racing Alpine showed themselves at the front of the field once again in all free practices. At a drying track in qualifying the result did not reflect the potential shown earlier. After an eventful race with many full course yellow interruptions and position changes, the car #35 with Nelson Panciatici, David Cheng and Ho-Pin Tung crossed the chequered flag in 7th place.


Ho-Pin Tung: “It’s a relief to make it to the end of the race after two consecutive retirements, and although seventh place is by no means reflective of our full potential, we will continue working hard to achieve what we know we are capable of. I was in the car for the final three stints, so I needed to remain mindful of tyre wear but I think I managed the situation well. Thankfully, it was dry today, which was far easier to deal with than the mixed conditions we saw at the beginning of the weekend! Congratulations to our team-mates in the #36 entry on another victory, which proves what can be accomplished with the Alpine A460. We know where we need to improve, both as drivers and with the car.”


Next race: 6 Hours of Mexico, Mexico City, 3 September 2016


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