Ho-Pin Tung scored valuable points in the Porsche Carrera Cup Asia championship, by finishing fifth in  today´s race in the narrow streets of Singapore.  In the  support race of this weekend´s Formula 1 session Ho-Pin Tung started from P 3, but was forced to the outside in turn 1. He picked up rubber and debris  and after lap 1 he found himself at seventh position. In spite of the very limited possibilities for taking over the young Chinese fought his way up and he finished 5th. 

Ho-Pin Tung is now fith in the championship  and with only two races to go in the seasons´ final in Shanghai and 41 points  to divide still everything is possible, except conquering the title.   Although Ho-Pin managed to finish 5th in difficult circumstances he finds his Singapore outing disappointing. ´Qualification went very well, I was very quick and half way I was fastests.  But qualy was red flagged due to a crash in the tunnel and in the finale stages of the qualification I was unable to get back to the first position on the lap charts, P3 on the grid it was´. Ho-Pin´s Singapore race was his first ever on the street circuit there.



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