Chinese racing driver Ho-Pin Tung scored a fourth place in this years season opener  in the Porsche Carrera Cup Asia championship. In hot and humid conditions the Chinese drove a solid but not very eventful race in the brandnew Porsche GT3 Cup-racer at the Sepang circuit in Malaysia , this weekend. 

Qualification on Saturday was completed in the dry, unlike the qualification session of the colleagues in Formula 1. ´On my first set of tyres I was slowed down a bit by a lot of traffic and on the second set of rubber there was a yellow flag situation in my flying lap. This was a shame because the speed was certainly there,´ Ho-Pin tells. A fith position on the grid was the result. Ho-Pin had a very good start in the race on Sunday, in the first lap he managed to claim fourth position. ´During the race I lost some pace because I had problems under braking. The cause of that will be find out by the team. After a not very eventful race I finished fourth. A fourth place is never satifactory to a racing driver, but over all I do look back on a good weekend. The pace was there, the car felt very good, the team did splendid work, so there is every reason the forsee further improvement.´

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