Thorough technical analyses are needed to learn why the DC Baxi Racing team Alpine showed lack of result in the  penultimate  race of the 2016 FIA WEC championship, in Shanghai.  The contrast with the previous race at Fuji could not have been bigger. In the Japan the team was one of the quickest in the race, only a spin in third lap prevented the team from an impressive result. But in the 6 hours race of Shanghai, this weekend, all efforts by drivers and team remained without reward. After six hours racing car nr. 35 finished  8th in the LM P2 class. Drivers Ho-Pin Tung, David Cheng and Paul Loup Chatin had no idea why the Alpine A 460-Nissan had so little grip and so much tyre degradation.

‘In Fuji, we had good pace, something we struggled to find here, the car was extremely hard to race because of lack of grip. It is astonishing that we had the right pace at Fuji and a few weeks later we could not bring the car to perform as we wanted. The Baxi DC Racing Team did a super job in the attempt to fix the problems’, says Ho-Pin Tung, ‘but unfortunately without result’.

The results in Shanghai were extra disappointing because it was the home race of the Baxi DC Racing Team. The enthousiasm of many thousands  of fans and the support of the teams’ partners were a salve for wounded feelings.

‘By scoring a fourth place sister car nr. 36 secured the championship, for which excellent performance I do congratulate my colleagues,‘ says Ho-Pin Tung before he leaves the circuit. He added ‘Together with the team we will try to find out what caused our problems and we aim for a strong last race in Bahrain, in two weeks time.’

Shanghai, November 6, 2016

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