This weekends´ second race at the Sepang circuit looked very promising for Ho-Pin Tung untill the moment he had to take a drive through penalty. The young Chinese held second position and he was ready to go for the highest step of the rostrum when he was told to take a drive trough penalty. It appeared that he started the race a few centimeters to far forward, because he was not properly locked in on the grid box. This is considered to be a jump start. ´Although it were only a very few centimeters , to far is to far,´ was Tungs realistic comment . The Budweiser Team Absolute Racing driver was not able to take his drive through penalty due to a long period the safety was deployed. After the safety car finally went in Ho-Pin Tung ended his race.

Both races at the Sepang circuit Ho-Pin Tung started from fourth position on the grid. He crossed the finish line in sixth place after the first race, for which result he had to fight harsh battles. In Sundays´ second race Ho-Pin Tung had fresh tyres and he made an excellent start. He conquered second place after a long struggle with Martin Ragginer. All hopes for victory disappeared as he was ordered to take his drive through penalty.

´Let ´s focuss on Singapore now, ´ Ho-Pin Tung states. ´I have a history of goods results in the streets of Singapore so we go for it.´

Sepang, Malaysia, September 6, 2015.


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