Dutch-Chinese racing driver Ho-Pin Tung claimed victory very convincing in this weekends´second race for the Porsche Carrera Cup Asia championship, on the streets of Singapore. In the first race on Saturday the Chinese conguered second place . Ho-Pin Tung looks forward with a good feeling to the final races of the season on his Shanghai home circuit, October 30 thru November 1st .

´It was an eventful weekend, to put it mildly, ´ says Ho-Pin. Race 1 was exciting. ´My start was quite good and I managed to get Nico Menzel round the outside into Turn 1. From then on Craig Baird was a bit too quick today for me to make his life difficult. Nico was always very close but not close enough to make an attempt.´

In race 2 things went even better for the Chinese hero. He overtook Nico Menzel in the opening lap and established a 2.2 seconds lead immediately. Ho-Pin Tungs´ race pace was excellent, he managed to extend his lead to a solid five seconds. From then onwards he was able to consolidate and control the race. For the second time this season he jumped on the rostrums´ highest step . The Budweiser Team Absolute Racing driver was happy with the results : ´The weekend was almost perfect.´

Singapore, September 20, 2015.





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