Ho-Pin Tung wins again

The debut race of the LM P3-class, in the support program of this weekends´ WEC- 6 hours race in Japan was an overwhelming success for Ho-Pin Tung, his team mate David Cheng and the DC Racing team. Ho-Pin Tung and David Cheng scored a hattrick at the Fuji Speedway , with pole position, fastest lap in the race and the victory in the new LM P3-class. It was the worldwide inaugural race for the brand new Ligier JS-P3, built by Onroak Automotive. Despite it was its first outing the JS-P3 performed without major thechnical problems. Overall the DC Racing team was rewarded with third place, in a competitive race with also LM P2 cars and GT3´s.

´This was the debut for the car and for the DC Racing team, with technical support of Eurasia, and we were all successfull. I did the first stint of the two hours race and David the second one. Without major technical problems we managed to be successfull in the first race ever in competition with this car and this team. There was very little difference in lap times with the LPM-2-cars.´ And he added: ´In recent years I was successfull in the Asia Le Mans Series with the Oak Racing, in Europe as well as in the USA, so I do look forward to compete in this exciting scenery.´

Now, first priority is to further develop the car for the upcoming races. ´That we were able to debuting succesfully, in contrast with the other LM P3-cars, gives hope and inspiration.´


Fuji, Japan, October 11th, 2015.



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