DC Racing Team, with Ho-Pin Tung, David Cheng and Thomas Laurent, managed to win also this seasons last race in the Asian Le Mans Series, at the Sepang circuit, Malaysia. First in LM P 3 and 4th overall was the result of a troublefree race, which started unfortunately, with an ´impossible´place on the starting grid, almost last! Due to gear box problems DC Racing Team had to miss all free practises as well as qualifying. With a special dispensation by the stewards of the race the team could start the 3 hours race.

Seeing the results lists of this season a victory for DC Racing could be expected. But, the gear box broke down already during first free practise. A part that was supposed to never break down held the team off the track during all practises and qualifying. The team tryed to repair the box and also carried out a ´Plan B´. The cars´manufacturer, Onroak Automotive based at Le Mans, France did send a man with a spare part via Paris to Kuala Lumpur. He arrived at the track early morning on race day. The gear box was refitted in record breaking time and the Ligier JS P 3 was ready to race. ´Onroak deserves a great compliment for its enormous effort´, says Ho-Pin Tung. ´That we managed to win this race from the back of field is a typical example of ´All´s well, that ends well.´

As off tomorrow the team will be prepearing for the new season Asian Le Mans Series. Ho-Pin Tung focusses also on his preparations for the WEC 2016 and his fourth Le Mans 24 hours.


Sepang, Malaysia, January 24th, 2016.


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