Ho-Pin Tung strikes again : Two victories out of two LM P3- races in Asian Le Mans Series.

Dutch Chinese racing driver Ho-Pin Tung and his team mates   David Cheng and Thomas Laurent scored pole position and class victory in the brand new LM P3-class, in the FIA/WEC 3 hours Asian Le Mans Series race, this weekend at the circuit of Sepang, Malaysia . The DC Racing bunch crossed the finish line fourth overall, immediately behind the stronger LM P2-cars. Only a few weeks after the very first race of the LM P3 class, in Japan, also won by DC Racing, the second race was again prey for Ho-Pin Tung and his team.

David Cheng did the first stint and for the second one new team mate Thomas Laurent took over. Unfortunately he had to pit due to problems with the left drive shaft of the Ligier JS-P3 ´built by Onroak Automotive´. The DC Racing team replaced the drive shaft in record breaking time and Laurent could continue. Ho-Pin Tung did the last stint and he managed to keep and extend the lead in the LMP 3-class. After three long hours the DC Racing car scored the class victory.

Sepang, Malaysia, November 8th, 2015.




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