Ho-Pin Tung shines in the rain




Race weekend in China with double engagements

Ho-Pin Tung drove an impressive race at the Six Hours of Shanghai, for the FIA World Endurance Championship. The Chinese joined forces with teammates Alex Brundle and David Cheng in the Morgan Nissan of the ´Pegasus Racing Team Total by DC Racing´. Under apalling wheather conditions the team draw the attention of the entire paddock and spectators by leading the LMP 2 class for more than four hours. Their Michelin tyres performed best in the wet, in later stages of the race the Dunlop guys were much faster. Alex Brundle,who did the first stints, brought the car from eighth place till the lead. When Ho-Pin Tung took over the wheel the rain had stopped and despite a slowly drying track the Chinese managed to keep the lead and later second place for a very long time. David Cheng did the last stints in te six hours race and only then slicks were fitted to   the Morgan Nissan. In the dry the Michelin tyres were no match for the Dunlop cars and P5 at the finish was the maximum result that could be achieved by the Pegasus Racing Team.

´If the rain should have hold on an hour longer….., ´Ho-Pin Tung reflects. ´The team and the drivers performed faultless and continuing rain could have brought us victory.´

Also starring in Porsche Carrera Cup Asia

Ho-Pin Tung took also part in the last two races of this season for the Porsche Carrera Cup Asia championship, taking place at the same Shanghai track, this weekend. The Dutch Chinese started from P 5 in both races. In first race on used tyres he fought long and heavy battles with Craig Baird, who attacked constantly. In vain, Ho-Pin Tung crossed the finish line as fifth.

In second race Ho-Pin Tung brought the Budweiser Team Absolute Racing Porsche to the podium, third place. He lost one place at the start of the race, but with impressive overtaking actions at the outside as well as at the inside he caught Baird, Avila and Van der Drift. Martin Ragginger was out of reach for the unchained Chinese hero. ´Both races were nice and full of action and being on the podium again is a nice way of concluding the 2015 season,´ he says.

Ho-Pin Tung concludes the the season with a fourth place in the overall standings. He can look back at a successful season, with two victories and several podiums finishes. The early season disappointments are not forgotten though, without them a higher place in the 2015 standings should have been possible.

Shanghai, November 1ste, 2015.











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