Ho-Pin Tung claims victory in LM P2 at legendary Le Mans

Ho-Pin Tung and his team mates of the Jackie Chan DC Racing x Jota Sport  team are the proud winners of this years edition of the legendary 24 hours race of Le Mans. Ho-Pin Tung finished the #38 Oreca 07 Gibson car in winning position after 24 harsh hours. Not only the class victory in LM P 2 was theirs, in the overall ranking Ho-Pin Tung, Oliver Jarvis and Thomas Laurent and their team took second place. The Chinese success was completed by third placed # 37 car of Jackie Chan Racing in LM P 2.   

Ho-Pin Tung, Oliver Jarvis and Thomas Laurent shared their joy with team owner David Cheng and the rest of the team staff. ‘The car felt so good, we were quick and reliable all race,  thanks to all in the team, ‘  a deligted Ho-Pin Tung stated. ‘At Spa I promised to push hard at Le Mans and so we did. We exetended our lead in the standings for the FIA-WEC championship and we created a mircale by mounting the rostrum as 2nd overall in the Le Mans wear battle. It could not have been better. I am so happy.’

Ho-Pin Tung: “It’s still hard to believe that we are Le Mans winners! It didn’t come easy and we really had to push hard for it. We stamped our authority on the race in the night where we moved all the way to the front and were able to control the race from there on. To lead outright for a while was amazing, history was written as we were the first-ever LMP2 to lead at Le Mans. Whilst we were always focused on the LMP2 class win it was amazing to finish second overall. I am exceptionally happy that our sister car came home in third and we crossed the line side-by-side, which was a perfect reflection of our team, a very well deserved result for them after a very strong race. This was a monumental race for Jackie Chan DC Racing. The first time our Chinese team takes on Le Mans, we bring home a win and a third place. David, Rémy and I started our journey exactly five years ago in 2013 at Le Mans and now we have not only won Le Mans but have also extended our lead in the World Endurance Championship. I must say a huge thank you to all the boys and girls at JOTA Sport, both cars ran flawlessly and every pit stop was sharp, fast and on point. Another person to thank is Hugues de Chaunac and all his staff at Oreca, Dunlop Motorsport and Gibson. The Oreca 07 Gibson Dunlop package was superior for the entire 24 Hours of Le Mans.”

Le Mans, France, June 18, 2017.










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