Ho-Pin Tung 9th in 24 hours Le Mans

Dutch-Chinese racing driver Ho-Pin Tung achieved a nineth place in the LMP-2 class in the thrilling 2015 edition of the legendary 24 hours race in Le Mans. He scored 19th overall in the ultimate wear battle in motor racing. Ho-Pin Tung appeared on the starting grid in the Morgan-Nissan LMP2-car run by the Pegasus Racing Team Total, with team mates David Cheng and Leo Roussel.

´My pace was good, all race long, I was fastest one on Michelin tyres,´ Ho-Pin Tung tells right after the race. ´My lap times were beter than average in my class.´

´But, we must realise that we did not meet our ambitions, ´the Chinese hero analyses. As a team we aimed for a top result in LMP2. But due to many technical woes, some of them beyond the control of the team, we could not keep up with the top in our class. My result is less than my good performance in last years´ race. But, already I do look forward to next years´race. It is magnificant to race here, it is a unique experience, although it is my third time out here. Completing the 24 hours race is a huge achievement , but a top sportsman always longs for more and better.´

Le Mans, June 14th, 2015.



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