Ho-Pin Tung 7th in six hours of Silverstone

First race of Fia-WEC season 2016

The aim in this seasons´ first race of the FIA-WEC Championship of the Baxi DC Racing Team Alpine was to bring the car to the finish in the six hours race at the Silverstone circuit, today. They succeeded, drivers David Cheng, Ho-Pin Tung, both Chinese, and Frenchman Nelson Panciatici finished 7th in their LMP2-class and 12th overall.

´We look back to the race with a very positive feeling, ´ Ho-Pin Tung stated short after the race. ´The team did an excellent job, the pitstops were very quick an our Alpine A460 Nissan performed faultless. The Chinese hero is convinced that an even better result could have been possible if the team would have had less misfortune. ´I made it in my second stint till 4th position when I got a flat rear tyre´, there was a long lasting full course yellow period, and we found ourselves stuck behind the safety car in a crucial part of the race.´

Nontheless the Baxi DC Racing Team Alpine finished in its first endurance race with the new team and showed a promising speed and reliability. ´The team and the car performed excellent so in three weeks time, at the demanding Spa circuit, we will be full of confidence to improve our results of today,´ Ho-Pin Tung looks ahead.

Silverstone, April 17, 2016.


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