Ho-Pin Tung 11th in second race Formula E

  • hopintung_formulaE

Formula E is growing up. The brand new, fully electric racing class enjoyed its second outing, this weekend in Putrajajay, Malaysia. Drivers and teams are getting better control of the complicated cars, leading to fascinating fights. There were many incidents, many DNFs and twice the safety car had to be deployed. No wonder Chinese racing driver Ho-Pin Tung is reporting an eventful race, in which he performed with team mate Nelson Piquet, for Team China. Bare figures do not show yet, but Ho-Pin Tung did found the right pace in troubleful free practise and qualifying. A spin in qualifying prevented the Chinese hero to claim a promising position on the grid. Race brought 11th place for Ho-Pin Tung, just outside the points. Point he expects to score in the race in Buenos Aires, earley next year, as he has to miss the race in Urugay. Ho-Pin Tung will than be competing in the 12 hours race at Abu Dhabi, which takes place at the same time. First focus now must be the ultimate race in Asian Le Mans Series, at Sepang, Malaysia, December 7th.


Putrajaya, Malaysia, November 22nd, 2014.


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