Hattrick by Ho-Pin Tung and friends in third race Asian Le Mans Series

The Jackie Chang DC Racing team with Ho-Pin Tung, Gustavo Menezes and Thomas Laurent performed excellent this weekend. They scored pole position, fastest lap of  the race and claimed victory. Venue of the meeting was the Int. Circuit of Buriram, north east of Bangkok, Thailand, where the Asian Le Mans Series had its third outing this season with the fours hours race, this Sunday.  The Jackie Chan DC Racing team is now well ahead towards the Asian Le Mans Series championship 2016 – 2017.

‘All went well’, tells Ho-Pin Tung right after the race, ‘this was a race weekend from the book. The team did an excellent job, the LMP 2 Oreca 03 R Nissan performed faultless and Gustavo and Thomas did fast and solid jobs.‘ Ho-Pin Tung secured pole position by lapping under 1.27 as only driver.

Ho-Pin reports : “It was a very clean start. Great to get the whole field going at once, without incidents. I had a really good run in the beginning and pulled a good gap in the first six laps until the safety car came, which was a shame because that brought the gap to zero. But the car was very good, in free practice and qualifying and today in the race as well. Thomas and Gustavo both did  fantastic and very mature jobs, and it’s great to be standing here with the championship lead.”

Next round: 20 thru 22nd January, Sepang Int. Circuit, Malaysia.

Buriram, Thailand, January, 8, 2017.

2017_hpt2 2017_hpt1

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