First corner tragedies for Ho-Pin Tung in Porsche Carrera Cup Asia races in Korea

Ho-Pin had started excellent in both races of the Porsche Carrera Cup Asia, in Korea, this weekend. But in both races he was prevented to even complete his first lap. Right after the start Rodolfo Avila collided into Tungs´ car twice. ´This is extremely frustrating. It is remarkable, to put is mildly, that the same driver   exterminates my chances twice ,´ Ho-pin Tung comments. 

This weekends´ tragedies were not the first offences by Avila, in Shanghai he also crashed into Tungs´ car, but   the Chinese managed to escape and even won that race. ´The officials in Korea were very clear, they gave Avila a 30 seconds time penalty for the crash in the first race, but this is not of any help for me. The collision in the second race was regarded as a race incident.´

´The car felt very good during free practise, I was second fastest. Tungs´ very good perfomance in the free practise sessions could not be repeated in qualifying, due to a mysterious and big brake issue. He ended at sixth place on the starting grid for both races. Ho-Pin Tung concludes: ´In every sport everone should play by the rules. Spectators do not come to the circuits to witness unsporting races.´

Yeongam, Korea, May 17, 2015.

Porsche Carrera Cup Asia Shanghai

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